Rust Mitigation

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Yes we perform rust mitigation, but it is a part of our service which we like to avoid. Once a significant amount of rust forms on ferrous metal surfaces it becomes a disease that has only one cure and that is removal. The only effective treatment is to cut out any affected metal and replace it with plastic or some other suitable composite material.

The experience of removing rusted metal that is embedded in stucco or concrete is a dusty, dirty, noisy and intrusive one. Rusted metal on interior walls is not as bad, but no picnic either.

There is not any long term effective coating system which yields a perfect result of total rust control. Coating over rust simply defers the problem.

There are very effective coatings for protecting metal that has not yet begun to rust.

Once again prevention is more valuable than cure. The exterior annual cleaning and maintenance program we offer at John Grey Painting will monitor the condition of the exterior of your building and provide the opportunity for timely intervention thus preventing the intrusion of rust causing water and salt.

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