Reflective Roof Coating

Reflective Roof Painting

Reflective roof coatings present an opportunity for us to reduce the amount of energy we consume cooling our homes and businesses. Reflective roof coatings act like mirrors, reflecting the sun’s radiant energy back into space. To rate the level of reflectiveness of different products, manufacturers have come up with a classifying system. “High-albedo” products such as bright-white paint are the most effective, with a solar reflectance of 85%.  If cost is an important consideration, white titanium dioxide paint is the best choice. It is inexpensive and easy to apply.

Because roof coatings tend to lose their reflective properties over time due to dust and mildew, regular maintenance, in the form of cleaning and re-application is a must.  Reflective coatings may be particularly beneficial in existing residences where the roof structure makes it difficult to add insulation.

New space age technologies such as the addition of ceramic micro balls to paint are offering improved insulating properties and unforeseen alternatives to conventional roof coatings.

We are ready to consult or assist you in maintaining a clean and reflective coat of paint on your roof .

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