Mildew Resistant Fiber Board

New technologies are providing materials which are far superior in performance and durability than those previously available to us.

We stay informed and knowledgeable regarding new sheet rock, alternative selections and replacement materials in an effort to provide our customers with the best possible of installations.

The advent of sheet rock which will resist mildew and moisture is great news for us in this wet climate provided that we avail ourselves of the opportunity to use it. There are also cement boards and fiber glass alternatives on the market which eliminate problematic areas such as being near water sources like showers and windows.

At John Grey Painting we could be accused of using the “over kill” approach to building services as we stay informed and take every opportunity to use the newly advanced products even where the old stuff is probably ‘good enough’.

Our customers never have to wonder if there might be a better product than the one we’re using because we use nothing but the optimal product for every application.

Quality, Value, Integrity