Siding and Walls

Exterior and interior walls can be rebuilt or repaired to match the original.

We can replace failed siding, often adding a trim component such as a band board to make a repair more aesthetically appealing.

A prime consideration, as in any carpentry repair issue, is to determine the root cause of a failure in the expectation of fixing it better than it was before it failed.

We do repairs of any style or type of siding including composites, vinyl, wood ship lap, hardi board, and T1-11. We check to assure there is a proper vapor barrier and use of flashing to preclude water intrusion. Prior to installing any wood product on the exterior of a structure we paint all sides (yes, the back side too) to insure maximum moisture protection and longevity.

There is a lot more involved than simply putting a new piece of board on the wall and we do it all.

Quality, Value, Integrity