Decks, Rails and Stairs

From replacing a board or two to replacing a complete decking system we can provide guidance in product selection and project planning.

Repair and installation of new rails (including cable rail systems) and deck materials (including a wide range of composite materials) is a service available from our carpenters and craftsmen.

If you have what seems like a small repair you should keep the following in mind.

Repair of exterior decking and stair systems is a sometimes complicated task. There may be factors which have contributed to the failure of these components such as settling and insect damage or wood rot which make a seemingly simple thing a somewhat more involved project.

Having an experienced craftsman inspect and assess the condition of a problem is imperative to achieving a satisfactory and long lasting repair.

We will provide you with an assessment and recommendations regarding your carpentry repairs and would advise you to consider any and all options but deal only with legitimate licensed contractors. We have witnessed many failed repair attempts by unknowledgeable “handymen”. Don’t risk falling from a poorly built stair or deck.

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