Cracking, Broken and Loose Sheetrock & Stucco

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Cracked, broken and loose sheet rock or stucco is indicative of a more serious condition. Any repair effort should begin with an inspection and assessment to determine the underlying cause and a plan to remedy that situation prior to initiating any cosmetic repairs.

Water intrusion is usually a likely suspect. Water can cause the rusted metal and wood components with in a stucco wall to swell and crack the stucco which in turn allows increased water intrusion that can lead to possible mold issues. On a sheet rock wall minor surface effervescence can be an early indication of water intrusion or a more serious ongoing issue within the wall. Loose tape joints and cracks along the trim and base boards can also be a sign of water problems. Once again any professional repair effort such as those provided by John Grey Painting will begin by identifying and addressing the basic underlying problem prior to wall repair.

Repairs will be completed and blended to match with the adjacent surfaces.

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