Wood Rot

There is no secret here…just keep the water away from the wood.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Once water his present in a piece of wood the only remedy is to replace the affected portion. This can lead to some unsightly repairs if not performed by a professional carpenter.

In some circumstances a repair made with patching compound is a reasonable compromise, if proper technique and preparation is used to assure bonding.  Although temporary in nature these repairs can be cost effective where replacement is difficult.

In any case, factors contributing to the problem that can be identified and remedied, should be.  Simply replacing a piece of wood is not remedy enough to resolve a wood rot issue.  Redirecting water, changing to a composite material, six side priming prior to wood installation along with sealing, caulking and maintenance of the painted surface are integral considerations in a complete repair.

Extensive annual inspection of all caulked and painted surfaces combined with a thorough cleaning and followed by touch up and repair of each and any small problem will insure the integrity of the exterior envelope of your building.

We are expert at repairing wood rot and providing a procedure to limit any further occurrence.

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