Insect and Bird Damage

Insects and birds can do an awful lot of damage in such a short time. It is important to be proactive and attempt to discourage their activity and presence.

We at John Grey Painting have developed a couple of techniques to disrupt pest activity, but pests can be awfully persistent. Replacing wood with cement board is a successful way to discourage bird activity (as well as insects). Keeping a sealed exterior envelope will limit insect access and reduce the activity of birds. Maintaining a system designed to disrupt their flight patterns can help to discourage them.

Vigilance in repair of bird holes in your building is so important to prevent water intrusion and mold/rot damage. A regular exterior cleaning and inspection followed by annual touch up and repair should become a scheduled maintenance ritual.

Insect invasions are something we find regularly, coincidental to preparation and cleaning prior to a paint project. The most successful remedy is to remove the infected components and replace them.

Patching compounds can deliver a temporary repair which should be viewed as a short term repair, often only preserving the problem until later.

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