Cabinets and Hardware

The proximity of cabinets to water in addition to the great amount of use they receive often results in a choice between repair and replacement of broken doors, drawers and water damaged floors.

While a whole new set may be nice, the greatest value for your dollar is often found in a repair and refinish approach.

New drawer fronts, doors and hardware with a fresh coat of paint over properly prepared surfaces will result in long lasting and good looking set of cabinets for a fraction of the cost of new ones. For a cost effective, more popular and modern look check out the price to repair and refinish.

With the proper preparation and product selections we can refinish or paint over formica, change out rusty hard to move hinges and replace damaged under sink floor materials extending their life and adding value to your existing cabinets.

We have a successful history of blending and matching finishes to make permanent quality repairs.

Quality, Value, Integrity