Decorative Wall Art and Faux Finishes


Through the course of architectural history and the human experience decorating the walls of dwellings has been a constant theme.  While style, color, and technique have evolved, changed and even regressed, the desire to decorate has remained constant. In an effort to create specific feeling and emotional response or communicate ideas and express individualism we continue to express ourselves through wall art and decoration.

We are extremely proud to be able to offer an extensive portfolio of wall art and decorative techniques applied by the finest group of young artists working cooperatively from one address that you could ever find.

This part of the paint and decorating business is by far the most gratifying for us.  It is also it is the most demanding, requiring both training and experience coupled with motivation and talent.

Our artists develop the most innovative techniques and finishes by continuing to participate in advanced classes and seminars while maintaining familiarity with the older more traditional finishes.

On this site you can see images representing some of the finishes and completed projects. To fully experience the energy and appreciate the life and feeling that quality decorative art imparts to your walls you must come to our gallery where you can touch the finishes and meet (by appointment) the artists.

Quality, Value, Integrity